All reproductions are one of a kind, hand crafted, color photographic copies of the original watercolor.

Gicle'e Fine Art Reproductions

Gicle'e (pronounced zhee'CLAY) is the new name given to Iris prints, a high-quality, high fidelity, high-density inkjet print. Gicle'es are created by an extraordinary fine spray of ink which gives the appearance of a continuous-tone print. The result is a fine art print that has the look and feel of an original piece of art.

The master printers of COLORCHROME ATLANTA produce Iris Gicle'es under the guidelines and standards established by the International Association of Fine Art Digital Printmakers.

Watercolors reproduce with accurate texture and technique. Only archival watercolor papers are used. ColorChrome Atlanta uses the highest quality pigmented inks and the very latest equipment to produce Gicle'es which are not only faithful to the original but extremely archival.

Gicle'es should be framed under glass and, like any framed work of art, should not be displayed in direct sunlight or near a direct source of heat. Avoid excessive heat or humidity. Under proper viewing conditions, your giclee will resist fading for generations.

As LIMITED EDITION reproductions, all are signed and numbered.

I offer the following mat combinations: White (top) and Dark Green (bottom). All mats are Bainbridge acid free.


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